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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Facebook vs Myspace

This comment, and others on this page (Facebook registration required), indicate some of the appeal that Facebook has over Myspace:
The only reason I'm on Facebook is because most of the MySpace people are still at MySpace. Once they bring their crap here (hopefully not) I'm out. Same goes for those slideshow apps. If I want to see your pictures, I'll go to your image gallery. Don't show me a slideshow when I go to your profile!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Death of the catchphrase?

My colleague Marty posted about this rather good piece in Media Guardian. A short excerpt:
"The problem brands face is that consumers effectively have a degree in film studies," agrees Robert Senior, founding partner at Fallon, the agency behind Asda's shift in strategy. "Basically, if a brand or company doesn't have a strong moral compass - which may sound a bit pretentious - then consumers are going to stop trusting you, no matter how fancy your catchphrase is."
See also The International Database of Corporate Commands which the people at Fallon brought to my attention recently (nicely tagged under "Ad Agency Deathwatch").